What's Happening Now

Follow up on the latest things I'm doing right now.

What's Happening Now

Last updated: 27 Mar. 2024

🧗đŸģ Activities I'm participating in

  • Playdate game development livestreams: Livestreaming every Saturday on my YouTube channel at 12:00 EST (17:00 UTC)
  • Playdate community hangout: Chatting with other Playdate game developers and enthusiasts every Friday at 21:00 EST (2:00 UTC) on the Playdate Squad Discord server.

🛠ī¸ Stuff I'm working on

📖 Books I'm reading

  • Ascension By Nicholas Binge
  • Do You Remember Being Born? By Sean Michaels

🕹ī¸ Games I'm playing

đŸŽĨ Things I'm watching

🎓 Stuff I'm learning

  • Playdate SDK: Learning how to create pixel-perfect and performant games for the Playdate with the C libraries and tools
  • Blender: Creating fun little animations and other 3D-based content
  • Excel: Re-acclimating to Excel after using Numbers for such a long time