___ and Me.

Writing 181

Literature hasn’t been a pleasurable area of interest for me for the longest time. A good portion of the books I have read in my life time (90%?) were forced school reads that never caught my interest. I understood that these books weren’t necessarily meant for enjoyment but for literary analysis of a particular topic or issue for a given moment. However, the daunting feeling of “you must like this book” always lingered, slowly degrading my interest in literature, despite the fact that I’m writing a mod for a game about a literature club. Even when I looked and read at books for personal enjoyment, I didn’t get a long-lasting impression off of them; a good portion of the books I would check out from the library were nonfiction. Nonetheless, pleasurable literacy is a skill I have yet to work on.

Besides the idea of not finding the book for me, my extreme need to have a focus on something also tends to get in the way. I do put a lot of emphasis on my work, especially in the programming department. Still, I’m unsure if I can really take that and put it into working on pleasurable literacy. Nowadays, there are a multitude of genres that simply bore me; unless there’s direct correlation to what I do, I’ll ignore it flat out. A lot of people tend to suggest science fiction to me or something related to hacking, but I can’t stand it. As cool as dystopian worlds or watching as a bunch of geeks take over the world or something like that are, it personally doesn’t excite me. I’m not a hacker; I’m a software developer. I write programs, not try to extract data that isn’t mine. Perhaps an ideal book for me would be something like a literate version of the Python Challenge?