Latest: So, uh, I made a client for Mastodon

Published on February 15, 2019

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I made a post here, but don’t worry; I’m not dead, and neither is this blog! I’ve just been busy with a few things lately, and I think you may want to take a look.

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Let's set some goals for 2019

Published on January 01, 2019

2019: It’s finally here. 2018 gave us some good, stupid, questionable, and not so great things. For me, it’s given me new opportunities (you can read more on my 2018 reflections) and experiences. I hope that 2019 will do the same in this...

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Not huge enough? - A reflection on my 2018 goals

Published on December 31, 2018

With the 2018 year coming to a close, I figured it’d be appropriate to reflect on my progress of the goals I set myself in the beginning of this year with a Medium post titled “Let’s make 2018 HUGE!”. It’s been a long while since I viewe...

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Why I believe the fediverse is the future

Published on December 26, 2018

When I pushed my new site up yesterday after having some small DNS hiccups, I added a few new things that are geared for interaction and sharing with the fediverse. In my updated introductory paragraph (what a mouthful), I also state the...

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A brand new site

Published on December 25, 2018

After getting back into the swing of things with Jekyll and Bootstrap 4, I have finally decided to restart my website using GitHub Pages and Jekyll, something I did in my junior year of high school. However, this site will end up a littl...

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What's coming to Behind Closed Doors 2.0!

Published on April 29, 2018

Last week, a groups of friends and I released a visual novel to the public on the web: Behind Closed Doors.. Build for the web with Monogatari, Behind Closed Doors brings messages of redemption, hope, and love while telling a unique stor...

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