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Let's set some goals for 2019

Written on 01 January 2019

new year goals

2019: It’s finally here. 2018 gave us some good, stupid, questionable, and not so great things. For me, it’s given me new opportunities (you can read more on my 2018 reflections) and experiences. I hope that 2019 will do the same in this regard, so I am trying again with setting some new goals.

A decentralized Goucher community


Decentralization of social networks and the future of the fediverse remains extremely important to me. The fediverse is a potential means of sustaining cultures on a technological level; I go into depth about it in my post on the fediverse’s future. Without it, centralized social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will hinder the progress of sustaining cultures.

I wrote an op-ed in the fall semester about potential advantages to using Mastodon at my college titled “Gophers and Elephants”. For 2019, I want to make this a reality, even it starts as an unofficial service. I aim to work with my peers, advisors, and the rest of the Goucher community to use decentralized services to foster and sustains Goucher’s culture.

The App Store, but with Termina

Termina on Apple devices

2018 has been a great year for me as a potential Apple Developer. I signed up for the Apple Developer Program in May, hoping to release a few apps on the App Store. Thus far, I have worked on a new wallpaper for macOS Mojave for The Angel Returns, but I also have been working on Termina, a fun game in Swift. As of last year, I have working builds for the command line and for macOS, with iOS on the way. It’s been a goal of mine to publish something to Apple’s App Store, and Termina has been a gateway and means of making that goal achievable. I hope to release a full product on the Mac App Store, if not on all app stores.

The Angel shall finally return

The Angel Returns, developer screenshot

Project Alice holds a special place in my heart. It’s the first official large-scale open source project that I have worked on with a collaborative team; in a way, it’s my right attempt at an open source project. We’ve been working on AliceOS and The Angel Returns for the past few months, with a rewrite of the main story on the way. I aim for 2019 to be a productive year for the Project Alice team. I hope to release more technical previews of AliceOS and, hopefully, release the first full release candidate of The Angel Returns.

Although I can only think of these goals for now, I hope to achieve more in the year with lots of other projects and experiences. Let’s make 2019 a great year!