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A brand new site

Written on 25 December 2018

mastodon site dev

After getting back into the swing of things with Jekyll and Bootstrap 4, I have finally decided to restart my website using GitHub Pages and Jekyll, something I did in my junior year of high school. However, this site will end up a little different. Let’s consider this a Crhsitmas gift. 🌲

Why start a new site?

I’ve been alright using Zoho Sites as my primary means of website cration for my personal site. The new builder is easy to use, set up, and maintain. However, recently, I’ve been more involved in website making for projects that use Jekyll and Bootstrap. My recent examples include my Writing Portfolio and the project site for Termina, as well as the sites for Project Alice. In addition to this, Zoho Sites isn’t as friendly with the things I want to do that support my goals.

What makes this site different?

Code-wise, I’ve worked on simplicity and ease-of-use as well as working with a theme that looks great on all devices. I’ve included the Superjournal in here as well.

What’s more important, however, is my emphasis on decentralized social networks. I’ve devised a sharesheet that works with Mastodon for instant sharing. Anyone can input the instance name and share to their respective instance of Mastodon. Others may email or copy the link to posts to share with traditional social networks.

Over the next few weeks, personally, I hope to integrate my site more with the fediverse and what it has to offer. I do believe that the future of social networks and cultural sustainability on a technological level lies within decentralized services such as Mastodon, PeerTube, and PixelFed.

Overall, I hope this new site lasts and helps foster a decentralized, sustained future, and I wish you all a merry holidays.